Monday, March 9, 2015


So, I'm super, SUPER behind on catching up my blog!  Oops!!  Things have gotten just a little crazy and busy here in our little world in Seattle.  :)  I have SO dang much to blog about, I don't even know where to start!  I will still try and keep things in order, so when I do start posting updates, they will be from a long time ago, haha!  Sorry about that!  But I will get things day!!  ;)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hunter's First Camping Trip

We LOVE camping.  Seriously, Cody and I use to go camping ALL the time before we had Hunter.  One year for my birthday, Cody gave me a tent, and I was absolutely thrilled!  :)  But since we have had Hunter, we have been a little nervous about taking him camping with us.  I think we were mostly worried about him being too cold, or not sleeping and waking up everyone else.  So we have waited.  But we were done waiting.  We wanted to go camping, so this last July we brought our pop-up trailer back from Utah, packed up all our stuff, and went for a trial run with our little camper.  ;)  We weren't sure where was the best place to camp, but we had an area in mind, and we drove around until we found a spot.  Cody and I prefer "dry" camping, meaning not around people and no running water.  :)  The place we found was perfect for us, right near Lake Cle Elum.

Mommy and Hunter all ready for our camping adventure!
First thing Hunter some dirt!  Such a boy!
Taking in what camping is...a lot of dirt and sticks...pretty cool!
My little man thinking he is all grown up!
Watching Daddy build the fire.

Our view walking out of the trailer.

Our set up for the night and day.  :)
Cody working on the fire.
Hunter and Daddy telling some stories.

Hunter in his camp chair.

Hunter telling Daddy something very important.
Hunter first hot dog cooked over the fire.  He LOVED them and ate two!
Camping makes me hungry!!
More of our view.
So pretty!
Truck and trailer.

Hunter "fixing" the trailer.
Throwing sticks!
What is this???
Yummy marshmallow!!!
This picture does not capture how amazing the moon was that night.
Baby Batman chilling by the fire.
I think Hunter is liking this camping stuff!
Good morning!!
Cody making our breakfast.
Vega enjoying the morning sun.
My favorite part about camping...breakfast!!
Vega's favorite place was under the trailer.  Silly girl!
Hunter liked breakfast, too!
Sweet, sleepy, little man!
Camping is hard work!  Down for a nap by 8:30!
We had such an amazing time on our camping trip, we didn't want to leave!  But since it was our trial run, we didn't bring enough food to stay an extra night.  We have been trying to plan more camping trips, but we have had some busy weekends, so we haven't had a chance to get back up there.  Hopefully we will be back to camping soon, now that we know our little camper loved it too!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fourth of July in Utah

Cody and I decided, kind of spur of the moment, to drive to Utah to bring back our tent trailer that we had left there when we moved to Seattle.  We literally looked at the calendar, and our first free weekend we decided to pack up and drive down to Logan for a week long visit, and it just happened to be that our first free week was over the Fourth of July.  :)  We were able to hang out with everyone and celebrate my birthday, hang out with aunts, uncles, cousins, and all the grandparents.  :)  

Playing in Buppa's pool.
Practicing golf with daddy.  

Eating mommy's birthday cake...yummy!

And of course a visit to First Dam to feed the duckies!

Sitting on the porch swing with Uncle JJ and sweet Audrey.
Lots of hanging out in diapers and flip flops!  It was SO hot!

Lots of playing with all the doggies!  Hunter loved it!
Cousin bath time!
And we really have missed the beautiful Cache Valley sunsets!

Hunter had gotten a haircut for his 18 month photos, and before the shoot, he was being so silly and cute with his balloon.

 And his favorite activity while staying at Grandma and Buppa's house was playing peak a boo with this door.  :)

Such a silly kid!
More playing in the pool!

All the grandkids and doggies!
And Hunter's new obsession...Four Wheelers!
Such a cute boy!
Such a cute Vega Doggie!
We watched the fireworks quite some distance away, and at first Hunter did not like them!  But with some cuddles from Buppa, he started to warm up to the pretty lights.  :)
And of course it wouldn't be the Fourth of July without the Hyrum Parade!

Cute cousins watching the parade.

After the parade, lots of water fun!
And Hunter found some soda! Thankfully, it was an empty soda can.  ;
After the parade, we went to Great Grandpa Z's house and played with his tractor!  Hunter did not want to stop driving around on the tractor with Gpa Z!

The next few days were just hanging out and getting packed up to head back home.  Of course we hit our favorite lunch and dinner spots, but mainly we just enjoyed lounging around in the heat and sun with the family.  :)
His Mac n' Cheese face is just too cute not to share!

Went to the Country Club to play some golf.  Hunter's favorite...driving the golf cart with Buppa!

And I will finish this post with one last picture of the Cache Valley sunsets.  Even tho we love living in the Pacific Northwest, and it is so beautiful here, we still love to see those CV summer nights!

I do apologize for the overload of pictures, but we there were too many cute and fun ones to only choose a I chose them all!  ;)